• LC-35

Introducing the fastest and most advanced liquid coffee dispenser on the market!

High volume dispensing from 10oz per second to 4.68 gallon per minute!



341/2" High 4.5" with 41/2" legs attached (30" without)

133/4 Wide

231/2" Deep (Allow 2" for water hoses and electric cord. 6" if installing water filter)

13 1/4 from counter top to coffee dispensing spigots.


Stainless steel cabinet with high torque ABS molded front cover.

10 gallon insulated water tank for 110V (20Amps - 2000 Watts) or 240V (40Amps - 9600 Watts)

3/8" Water inlet valve National Pipe Thread (Compression fitting will work)

110V or 240V

Three programmable touch buttons for regular, decaf and hot water

 Touch screen:

10" touch screen programming with private password protection service

6 individual jpeg screens and one large center screen for video/message projection

Programmable from smart phone or a computer

Abilty to order products and monitor usage

Potential to program for "Amber Alert" programs or other facility messages


Portion control for smal, medium, large, x-large, based on programmed times

High volume dispensing from 10oz per second or 4.68 gallons per minute

Ambent temperature (room temp) to warm 160 degrees to 199 degree settings

Unlimited strength settings for mild, medium, strong, extra strong

Programmable cleaning cycle that takes 30-60 seconds

Programmable daily on/off power settings for power saveer settings at night

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  • $1,950.00

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